Transport by truck
The G.B.A. Ltd., in consideration of the substantial flow of goods by road, in case of failure is able to ensure a rapid and professional, both in Italy and abroad, in order to ascertain the cause of the damage. the high quality standards has enabled the GBA excellent results in the management and resolution of claims and delicate problem, arising from theft or robbery.
The results obtained are the result of continuous technical and professional in the field of security systems and legal regulations in the transport, which allow you to better assess the dynamics of the event.
Maritime transport
The Italian experts Transport Association, formed in June 1997 aims to bring together and represent the independent experts involved in the transport sector.
The G.B.A. Ltd. is headquartered in Genoa, the crossroads of maritime transport and traffic in the nerve center of the bulk cargo and containers. In case of damage to the load, the G.B.A. Ltd, through its expert network, provides qualified assistance in all categories.
Transport by air
The G.B.A. Ltd, given the increasing use of the aircraft to meet the increasing need to quickly transfer the goods from one continent to another, operates in the main Italian and foreign airports. activity that G.B.A. Ltd. dedicated to the industry in assessing the damage to the goods, both in body, both during the transfer from the place of departure and destination.
Transport in Eastern Europe
Since 1993, the G.B.A. Ltd. carries out expert in Eastern European countries, particularly in Hungary, Romania, czech republic and the CIS, acting in the field of claims arising from criminal acts such as theft, robbery and abduction with dexterity.
Our work, supported locally by highly skilled staff, has led to some very good results in managing these issues.
Loss Prevention
The G.B.A. srl, thanks to its experience over a decade and a pool of experts in the study of issues related to prevention of damage, provides detailed evaluations of the procedures and suggest possible changes to them.
Retaliation and damage recovery
The G.B.A. Ltd., for his knowledge gained in the insurance market, shippers and carriers' domestic and international, performs a service for the recovery of damages out of court.
The service is provided under the English clause "No Cure No Pay" thus giving the customers a guarantee of no costs in the event that no compensation will be successful.
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